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March 4, 2022

S2 Ep6: Leadership with Dr. Annette Wallace

S2 Ep6: Leadership with Dr. Annette Wallace
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Carrie and Nick chat all about leadership with Dr. Annette Wallace, the Chief Operations & Academic Officer (Gr. 9 - 12) for Worcester County Public Schools. Dr. Wallace shares her passion for leadership and gives listeners tactical advice to help drive your career forward.

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Annette Wallace

COO/CAO 9-12

Dr. Annette Wallace is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Academic Officer for grades 9-12. She served as principal of Pocomoke High School from 2012-2018. She is committed to providing every student access to a high quality education and dedicated to opening doors to post-secondary learning opportunities for every student through higher education and workforce-development partnerships.
Wallace is steadfast in her vision to expand access and participation in Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment. During her tenure at PHS she launched Project 100, Pocomoke’s overarching goal for every student to attain an education beyond high school through college/university, workforce development, or military. Wallace was vigilant in sharing this goal with students, parents, and the community. She is currently looking to expand opportunities for all students in Worcester County Public Schools through an Early College Program. Dr. Wallace is truly dedicated to EVERY student, a leader who believes that ALL students can and will achieve.
Dr.Wallace is a lifetime member of Spence Baptist Church and serves on the United Way Board of Directors, Atlantic General Hospital Board of Directors, and the Junior Achievement Board of Directors.
She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Salisbury University, a Masters of Education degree in School Leadership from Wilmington University, and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.